Episode 1137 - It's All Real

It's All Real

March 21, 2014| Permalink | Comic Archive

Ah, no.. it wasn't a dream, Anpan...

Hey folks! Weekend is just about here and my Usagi Yojimbo tribute contribution to the CAPS ebay auction to support Stan & Sharon Sakai is closing up in less than 2 days! Thank you so much for all your bids! (Even I'm impressed that I'm keeping company with the likes of Darwyn Cooke and Gene Ha! ♥) There's a lot of wonderful art up there and more to come!

And for those who've asked -- I'm not 100% sure, but I think most of the art sent in will be included in the tribute book that Dark Horse will be publishing later this year (all proceeds from sales going to Stan & Sharon Sakai too~). I sent in my art piece with permission to be added, so I can only assume mine will be a part of the collection? :D

Comic Transcription

It's All Real

panel 1: Enchilada finds the pups and Pollo right where he left them.

panel 2: He unravels the belt from around them.

panel 3: And puts it on as Anpan snores.

panel 4: Enchilada yells and startles Anpan awake!
Enchilada: ANPAN!
Anpan: WHAAHH!

panel 5: Anpan sits up in a daze.
Anpan: A-ANI?! Anpan had da worst dream ever…

panel 6: He turns and sees Enchilada standing there with a big grin.
Anpan: oh my pizza.

panel 7: Then he realizes the truth.
Anpan: UGH. Ish all real.