Episode 1139 - Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

March 26, 2014| Permalink | Comic Archive

Hold on tight! It's gonna be a bumpy ride! ★

It's high time for a fund-raising drive update!

Combining membership subscriptions, donations, digital goods sales, and from what I can see via our Amazon affiliate sales, we've managed to bring in $656 for the month of March so far!

That's roughly $55 per comic update!

I'm also super happy to see new readers popping in and commenting! ★

I'm thrilled that my comic is bringing in a small paycheck and slowly regaining a readership. Thanks for all your efforts so far and let's keep this going and growing! ♥

As for that Volume 7 kickstarter -- I still have a lot of work to get done before I can launch the campaign and my on-going back problems have set me back somewhat. I still plan to take that break after this story completes -- in roughly 5 more updates -- to heal up, clear out my outstanding projects, and regroup.

Thanks again for all your support! ★

Comic Transcription

Homeward Bound

panel 1: The gang wonders how they're gonna get home.
Anpan: Now dat da mission ish done, how we gonna gets home??
Enchilada: No worries! Right Pollo?
Pollo: Pi!

panel 2: Pollo and Enchilada have a plan.
Pollo: Pi. Pi pi pi pi.
Enchilada: Good idea! Pollo needs Your scarf.

panel 3: Anpan isn't too keen on lending his scarf.
Anpan: MINE? Wat's wrong with yours, Burrito Boy?!
Enchilada: Pollo says he needs yours because…

panel 4: Until, Enchilada explains.
Enchilada: Ish PERFECT for getting home.

panel 5: Anpan takes his scarf off and hands it to Enchilada.
Anpan: OK.

panel 6: Pollo carries all of the pups along with the scarf!
Pollo: Pi pi pi pi! Pi pi!
Enchilada: Pollo says to hang on tight!
Anpan: A-Anpan could've told you dat! WHOA!