Episode 1144 - Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

April 11, 2014| Permalink | Comic Archive

There's really no place like home~!

One more comic to tie everything up next week, before I start my break. Thanks so much to all of you who've been keeping up and commenting! ♥ This story has been somewhat of a departure from my usual fare, and a learning experience at crafting a semi-long-form story comic. The strips are still pretty "episodic" in nature, but I hope you find it reads well from the beginning of the story to the end. :D

What were some of your favorite moments? ★

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Comic Transcription

Home Sweet Home

Panel 1: The pups swing into the house through the window!
Nemu: Sankies for da ride, Pollo!
Anpan: Oh my pizza! We made it back alive!

Panel 2: Anpan hops in and Nemu is holding the box.
Nemu: From da looks of it,, Miss Kitsy and Enchilada was A-OK!
Anpan: Ani and Kana Mama aren't home yet. Ish like time shopped!

Panel 3: He hands the box to Pollo.
Pollo: Pi pi pi.
Nemu: Oh yeah! Da box! Here ya go! Come inside Pollo! Stay a while and let's catch up.

Panel 4: But Pollo can't stay!
Pollo: Pi pi pi pi.
Nemu: Huh? Gots t'go already?
Pollo: Pi. Pi pi.
Anpan: But WHY?!?
Pollo: Pi. Pi pi.

Panel 5: Pollo explains why.
Nemu: He says dat he's gotta bring da package back to H.Q. And there's a lot of paper work to fill out because of da time travel shutoffs.
Anpan: Awww, man!
Nemu: Da window ish always open for you Pollo!

Panel 6: Pollo zooms away as the pups look on!
Nemu: Have a safe flight!
Anpan: Sankies for da real birdie ride! No forgets to come back! Let's do it again!