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Episode 717 - King of Lunch

King of Lunch
March 21, 2011 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Toasty dishes out delicious snacks for the whole class! Do you know who's the king?

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Webcomic Transcription

King of Lunch

panel 1: The students have formed a line to get a Toasty snack!
Student 1: My stomach is growling just THINKING about it!
Student 2: I can almost TASTE that peanut butter!
Student 3: Can I get EXTRA jelly on mine?
Kid: What are the MAGIC WORDS?
Tosty SFX: POP!

panel 2: A little humble pie is in order for this student...
Student 3: Umm... T-toasty is THE BEST!
Kid: He is, isn't he? Here ya go.

panel 3: And they were all so excited to get a slice...
Toasty: I was back in business! Aw yeah! It was LOVE AT FIRST BITE for those kids...

panel 4: Toasty beams as he concludes this tale.
Toasty: And that/s how I became known as THE KING OF LUNCH!

panel 5: The pups are entertained as they munch on their snacks.
Pups: MMM HRMMM...
SFX: * munch * munch * munch * munch *