Episode 716 - Pied Piper

Pied Piper

March 18, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

No matter what the kids think, they can't resist the allure of something TOASTED!

Comic Transcription

Pied Piper

panel 1: Two students discuss their thoughts on Show and Tell
Student 1: What's so great about a toaster?!
Student 2: Haw haw haw yeah!

panel 2: Suddenly, they sense something different...
Student 1: *sniff*
Student 2: *sniff*

panel 3: All of the students wonder whats that wonderful aurora? They go to investigate...

panel 4: The discover the kid making some toast...
Toasty: POP!

panel 5: Puts some peanut butter and jelly on it...

panel 6: Then takes a bite with a satisfying crunch!

panel 7: The students are in awe!
SFX: *munch* *munch*
Students: OOHHH!