0149 Still Good
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Still Good

Nemu's so sad about the ice cream that fell off the cone. Good thing he has friends like Anpan who are willing to share. Nemu comes up with an idea to thank him!

Comic Transcription

Still Good

Panel 1: Nemu is standing there crying. Anpan looks sad.
Anpan: Here...Have Anpan ice cream.

Panel 2: Nemu looks very happy and excited; his ears flying upwards. Anpan is walking away.
Nemu: Thank you Anpan!

Panel 3: Nemu sees his ice cream on the ground as he is licking Anpan's ice cream bar.
Nemu: !

Panel 4: Nemu is running along holding the blue ice cream bar and his old dirty ice cream cone.
Nemu: Ice Cream!

Transcription by Matt Westberry