0207 Heroes
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December 3, 2007| Permalink | Comic Archive

Will Hanshin Flyer spell the end of Henshin Rider? It's time for fans to rally and give support to your favorite hero!

Comic Transcription

Panel 1: (Henshin Rider and Hanshin Flyer are battling it out.)
Since that fateful day... Henshin Rider has been engaged in a fierce battle...
Panel 2: Ani looks at an article about Henshin Rider and Hanshin Flyer ratings.
Ani: And Hanshin Flyer has been steadily gaining viewership... The battle of TV show ratings!
Panel 3: Hanshin Flyer exits by flying off, while Henshin Rider is left to run.
Ani: Help Henshin Rider fight another day! So now, we call on all loyal followers to fight for what you believe in!
Panel 4: Ani punches her fist in the air and enthusiastically cheers for Henshin Rider.
Ani: Go Go Henshin Rider!

(Special thanks to Jasmin for the transcription!)