0209 Wwhrd
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December 7, 2007| Permalink | Comic Archive

What a dilemma! There goes Anises' ploy to get a new member for her Henshin Rider Fan Club... until Kana asks the most important question: WWHRD?

Comic Transcription

Panel One: Anise and Kana sitting and talking on the sidewalk
Anise: Chances are slim, Kana. He's already turned to the DARK SIDE
Panel Two: Kana talking
Kana: Well.. In adverse situations like this- What Would Henshin Rider Do?
Panel Three: Anise has a look of EUREKA!
Anise: Great thinking Kana!
Panel Four: Anise sticks her hand out to the new student as Kana is in the background a bit shocked.
Anise: Hi! I'm Anise and my show is better than yours!
New Student: *sweat*