0242 A Real Piece Of Work
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A Real Piece of Work

February 20, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Everyone can get creative with the help of color markers, crayons, glue and construction paper! But I don't think Anise and Kana had this in mind when they left those craft items out in the open!

Comic Transcription

A Real Piece of Work

Panel 1: Anpan begins to draw on the large Pirate ship display

Panel 2: Anpan pasts things onto the large Pirate ship display.

Panel 3: Anpan and Nemu take a look at their handy work.
Nemu: Nemu too!
Anpan: Let's make dis a shurprise!
Nemu: Good idea Anpan!

Panel 4: Nemu and Anpan march away from the finished masterpiece triumphantly!
Anpan: Ani gonna be so happy! Now ish a REAL Pirate Ship!