0268 Packing List
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Packing List

April 18, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

No... it's not a shopping list...it's a PACKING list! How will she bring any souvenirs back?

Comic Transcription

Packing List

Panel 1: Kana and Anise are in Kana's bedroom. Anise looks dazed while Kana is holding up her swimsuit.
Kana: I'm so excited! I've wanted to go to Hawaii for years!

Panel 2: A close up of a very long list of items on Mimpii Club stationary.
Kana: Do you think I'm missing anything on my list?

Panel 3: Anise stares at the huge list while Kana keeps packing.
Anise: Do you really need all this stuff?
Kana: Well, you know... I just want to be prepared.

Panel 4: Kana sits in front of a huge suitcase with tons of stuff surrounding her.
Anise: ...But I don't think all this will fit in your suitcase.