0269 Mans Best Friend
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Man's Best Friend

April 21, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana's headed to Hawaii, what's Man's Best Friend supposed to do?

Comic Transcription

Episode 269: Man's Best Friend
Panel 1:
Anise: "What are you doing?"
Anpan: (packing suitcase with blanket and Henshin Rider figure) "Anpan ready to go Hawaii!"

Panel 2:
Anise: (stares) "Um...we're not going."
Anpan: "What mean? Anpan cannot go?"

Panel 3:
Anise: (stunned) "Then who's gonna keep me company??"
Anpan shuts his suitcase.

Panel 4:
Anpan: (Holding up Mister Buns) "How 'bout Mishter Buns?"
Anise: (Looking cross) "What happened to Man's Best Friend?"