Episode 281 - King Nothing

King Nothing

Anpan builds his empire! Maybe it will be Planet Anpan or Anpan World... maybe Anpan Land... But you can only be King if you've got subjects to rule over...

Comic Transcription

King Nothing

Comic is in one panel with Anpan in motion throughout.

Panel 1: Anpan carries blocks.
Anpan: Now dat Nemu ishn't using all da blocks...

Panel 2: Anpan bends over to arange some blocks on the floor.
Anpan: Anpan can finally

Panel 3: Anpan begins to stack the blocks...
Anpan: make

Panel 4: Anpan moves the large block with the word "Toys" on it.

Panel 5: Anpan sits on his toy block throne.
Anpan: Ish no fun to be king when ish only Anpan...