Hawaiian Ai - Under the Sea

Hawaiian Ai: Under the Sea

Nemu loves the fishies but he'd never be able to live with them... Kana shows Nemu what it would be like to be a fish!

Comic Transcription

Hawaiian Ai: Under the Sea

Panel 1: Nemu is riding in Kana's backpack as they cruise around Hawaii.
Kana: Hey Nemu - wanna know what it's like to live underwater without getting wet?

Panel 2: Nemu's ears pop up in excitement as Kana walks into a nearby attraction.
Nemu: Ish it really possible?s
Kana: Just wait and see ~

Panel 3: Kana brings Nemu into the underground aquarium where they are surrounded by glass tubing so they have a almost 360 degree view of the entire aquarium tank!
Nemu: Wow! Ish like Nemu ish living with da fishies!
Kana: I wonder what Apan would think of this place...

Panel 4: Anpan looks extremely scared!
Anpan: *SHIVER*