Guest Comic - Anpan on da Economy by Ryan Dow

Thanks to Ryan Dow for todays guest comic! I've always wondered what Anpan and Nemu thought of the state of the economy :-) Ryan Dow's comics can be viewed at (content not kid friendly but you grown ups can look!)

Guest Comic - Anpan on da Economy by Ryan Dow

Anpan and Nemu chat about the economy. What a revelation Anpan has... or maybe it's Nemu who has the revelation!

Comic Transcription

Anpan on da Economy

Panel 1: Nemu and Anpan are sitting around and talking. Anpan looks sad so Nemu looks sad!
Nemu: What wrong, Anpan?

Panel 2: Anpan shows his true feelings...
Anpan: Anpan ish scared.

Panel 3: Anpan explains his fears to Nemu.
Anpan: Anpan ish worried about da effects of da soft housing market on da U.S. dollar!

Panel 4: Nemu laughs out loud! Anpan holds his head.
Nemu: Soft housing? Sounds comfy!
Anpan: Waaaah!