Episode 284 - Pay Attention

Pay Attention!

It's a beautiful day, the sun is out, a great day for adventure! But what's Anpan and Anise doing instead?

Comic Transcription

Pay Attention!

Panel 1: Anise is playing with her Nontodo Hachi DX outside at the park while Anpan sits besides her.
Anpan: Ani - dis ish JUNK... What Happened to all da fun adventure shtuffs?
Anise: Hold on... I'm almost done with this level!

Panel 2: Anpan looks quite irritated at Anise.
Anpan: Jus' play blip blip box all day, all night! No fun! Ishn't dis VACATION?

Panel 3: Anise replies to Anpan but it doesn't make him any happier...
Anise: We're OUTSIDE for a change aren't we?
Anpan: grrrrrr....