Episode 286 - Victory is Short Lived

Victory is Short Lived

Winning means a lot to Anise! And now that she's made her goal, it's time to share the sweet taste of victory with her buddy!

Comic Transcription

Victory is Short Lived

Panel 1: Anise throws her arms up in the air in victory! She's sitting on the park bench and has her Nontodo Hachi next to her.
Anise: YES! I finally finished a game before Kana!

Panel 2: Anise leaps off of the bench in victory!

Panel 3: Anise is triumphant as she schemes her next move...
Anise: I'm so in the mood for a victory root beer! How 'bout we go get one...

Panel 4: Anise turns to her side to find that Anpan is gone!
Anise: - Anpan?