Episode 300 - For You

For You

August 1, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's great to have the gang back together! Now it's time to share some gifts. Anise is looking forward to one of them in particular...

Comic Transcription

For You

Panel 1: Anise has Anpan on her head and Kana is holding Nemu. They are finally in the house.
SFX: *chk* as the door closes
Kana: It's great to be back!
Anise: So - How was your trip?
Nemu: Had lotsa nyama nyamas!

Panel 2: Kana hands Anise a small blue bag of gifts from Hawaii. Anise is excited and points to herself.
Kana: I brought some gifts for you and your pa!
Anise: Wow! All for me?

Panel 3: Anise and Anpan quickly look inside the bag and are shocked when they find something missing!
Anise: Hey- where's all the mac nut chocos?!

Panel 4: Nemu happily answers Anise's question as Kana sweats just a bit. Anpan and Anise are quite upset!
Kana: Umm... well....
Anise: I KNEW IT!