Episode 301 - Hawaii Inside

For folks who don't know about the word "botcha", it means bath or to bathe.
For the pups it means anything having to do with lots of water!
First appearance of the word "botcha" is here.
But there are many more instances of botcha throughout nemu*nemu!

Hawaii Inside

August 4, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's time to share the gifts from Hawaii, and boy does Nemu have a good one for Anpan! Unfortunately maybe Anpan isn't quite ready for the gift that Nemu has in store for him.

Comic Transcription

Hawaii Inside

Panel 1: Nemu brings Anpan a big yellow box. Anpan takes the box.
Nemu: Nemu bring shpecial present from Hawaii for Anpan!
Anpan: Pizza?

Panel 2: Anpan opens the box and takes out a sea shell and holds it up.
Nemu: Better den pizza! Kana Mama say ish cure for Anpan's fear of botcha!
Anpan: ?

Panel 3: Nemu pushes the sea shell up to Anpan's ear. Anpan's eyes grow wide and he starts to shake and shiver in fear!
Nemu: Ish gots Hawaii inside!
Anpan: OH MY PIZZA! *shiver* *shiver*