Episode 306 - Only the Broken Ones OK!

Only the Broken Ones OK!

August 18, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana told Nemu he could have some chips... but only the small broken ones! She didn't want him to spoil his appetite before dinner.

Comic Transcription

Only the broken ones ok!

Panel 1: A bowl of chips!

Panel 2: Nemu stands in front of the large red bowl full of chips.
Nemu: *thinking* No big unbroken chips!

Panel 3: Nemu looks around...
Nemu: *thinking* Smaller broken chips ok!

Panel 4: Nemu starts to eat the smaller chips.
Nemu: *nyama* *nyama*

Panel 5: Nemu sticks his paws into the bowl and grabs a few chips. He accidentally breaks a few when he grabs them.
SFX: *grab* *crunch*

Panel 6: Nemu looks innocently around to see if anyone is watching...

Panel 7: Nemu smashes all the big chips... into smaller ones!
SFX: *crunch* *crunch* *crunch* *crunch*

Panel 8: Only a few big unbroken chips are left in the bottom of the bowl.