Episode 308 - Bread & Toasty

Bread & Toasty

August 22, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's a cold morning but Nemu's gonna warm up... but first he has to introduce two strangers to each other...

Comic Transcription

Bread & Toasty

Panel 1: Nemu is carrying a piece of bread.
Nemu: Good morning mishter bread! How ish Mishter Bread on dis cold day?

Panel 2: Nemu puts the bread into the toaster.
Nemu: Mishter Bread... meet Mishter Toasty!

Panel 3: Nemu watches the toaster heat up!
Nemu: Doing okay in dere?

Panel 4: The toaster pops the hot toast out of it's top! Nemu is happy!
Nemu: YAY!
Mr. Toasty: *POP!*