Guest Comic: Fine Connoisseurs

Guest Comic by Jaymee - Fine Connoisseurs

October 10, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

What happens when Kana puts a surprise into Nemu's lunch?

Comic Transcription

Fine Connoisseurs

Panel 1: Nemu is helping Kana set up the table for lunch.
Nemu: Kana Mama, Peanutbutter sammiches almost pau?
Kana: Almost, they'll be done soon.

Panel 2: Kana looks at the sandwich she just created.
Kana: I bought some Nutella to try recently. I hope Nemu likes it!

Panel 3: Kana hands the Nutella sandwich to Nemu

Panel 4:Nemu pulls the bread apart and is surprised with what he sees! He happily shows it to Kana.
Nemu: Kana-mama made chocolate sammiches!!
Kana: No, it's Nutella...