Episode 333 - Foresight


October 20, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Shwamu can see into the future, so he already knows what will or what won't be... Kinda shpooky!

Comic Transcription


Panel 1: Da Great Shwamu asks Anpan a question.
Shwamu: Gots cookie for da great Shwamu?
Anpan: Umm... Anpan no have cookie!!

Panel 2: Shwamu closes his eyes knowingly at Anpan.
Shwamu: Mm - hmm! Da great Shwamu foresaw dat...

Panel 3: Shwamu digs around inside his cloak, looking for something as Anpan watches on...

Panel 4: Da Great Shwamu brings out a chocolate chip cookie! Anpan is shocked!
Shwamu: Wanna share?
Anpan: How da Shwamu do dat?!