Episode 332 - Da Great Shwamu

Da Great Shwamu

October 17, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's Nemu's turn to step into the spotlight! Introducing da Great Shwamu!

Comic Transcription

Da Great Shwamu

Panel 1: Anpan is dressed up in his Great Pizzaro outfit and introduces the world to da Great Shwamu! Nemu, dressed as a swami comes out from the curtains.
Anpan: Introducing ~ DA GREAT SHWAMU!
Shwamu: Da great shwamu know all, see all!

Panel 2: Da Great Shwamu closes his eyes and looks into Anpans future...
Shwamu: Da great shwamu foresee BIG SHTUFF in Anpan's future!
Anpan: Ish true?! Like root beer? PIZZA??

Panel 3: Shwamu slumps down a bit as the vision becomes clouded.
Shwamu: Oh noes... t'ings are getting hazy...

Panel 4: Shwamu suggest a donation to make things clearer for Anpan.
Shwamu: But a cookie will clear things up!