Episode 335 - Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

October 24, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Da Great Shwamu has some words of wisdom for Anpan... and maybe some grilled cheese sandwiches too.

Comic Transcription

Words of Wisdom

Panel 1: Anpan and Da Great Shwamu are sitting eating Epic Pizza!
Anpan: Mmmm~ thanks for EPIC PIZZA Shwamu! Gots any more words of wisdom for Anpan?

Panel 2: Da Great Shwamu whips out a piece of bread out of no where...
Da Great Shwamu: Da shmart pup gots da daily bread...

Panel 3: Then turns it into a grilled cheese sandwich! Anpan is shocked!
Da Great Shwamu: But da wise pup gots da grill'd cheese sammich!
Anpan: How Shwamu do dat?!