Episode 347 - My Big Break

My Big Break!

November 19, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana has a dream about being a Mimpii... although it's fast and fleeting...

Comic Transcription

My Big Break

Panel 1: Kana is in deep thought...
Kana: One out of thousands... I wonder what it'd be like as the chosen Mimpii Girl -

Panel 2: She imagines what it'd be like as a Mimpii girl... On stage accepting the invitation to become a Mimpii!
Mimpii Club Leader: Introducing - the newest addition to the Mimpii Club - Kana Mezurashi!
*Mimpii members are standing in the background, clapping*

Panel 3: Kana puts her head on the table.
Kana: Aaaah - why do I let Ani put these crazy thoughts in my head?!