Episode 352 - Every Vote Counts

Every Vote Counts

December 1, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise is ready to campaign for Kana so she's decided to make a few signs to show support!

Comic Transcription

Every Vote Counts

Panel 1: Anise and Anpan have their poster board and markers out on the floor while Kana is working on the desk.
Anise: we totally hafta get our game on for this race!
Anpan: Anpan like help!

Panel 2: Anise holds up two signs with a big smile on her face. The signs say: "<3 froyo? Vote Kana" and "Longer Recess? Vote Kana!"
Anise: Aren’t these signs awesome? You can thank me later!
Anpan: What about Anpan?!
Kana: Umm... so how am i gonna promise all this stuff?

Panel 3: Kana folds her arms in disapproval while Anise trys to reason with her...
Anise: Hey- these are just ideas! I’ve got more... but a vote is a vote and every vote counts!
Kana: There’s also something to be said about integrity and honesty.