Episode 354 - Anxiety


December 5, 2008| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana's mind is playing tricks on her. What can she do to overcome that feeling of not being good enough?

Comic Transcription


Panel 1: Kana is lying in bed under the covers feeling anxious.
Kana: Speeches are tomorrow- I never feel ready for these things.

Panel 2: Her thoughts are making her go nuts!
Kana: What if they laugh at me? What if I look like a dork? Stop thinking about it Kana... Just go to sleep. Gah! I can't sleep!

Panel 3: Kana hunts for her glasses on the counter.
Hmm. The pups are awfully quiet.

Panel 4: She puts on her slippers...

Panel 5: And walks off with her blanket to go find Nemu and Anpan.
Kana: Better go check on them.