Episode 385 - Wrong Episode

Wrong Episode

February 6, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana stops the pups fun and tries to figure out what exactly is going on. Anise decides she wants in on the fun!

Comic Transcription

Wrong Episode

Panel 1: Kana, holding Pollo in her hands, asks the pups where the bird came from.
Kana: Where did this bird come from?
Anpan: Ish Pollo! Pollo come from far, far away!
Nemu: Pollo ish hurt! Nemu take care of Pollo! Promise!

Panel 2: Anpan and Nemu explain to Kana what they were doing
Kana: So... what were you two doing?
Anpan: Showing Pollo how to play HENSHIN RIDER!
Nemu: Yeah! Nemu ish DA BAD GUY and doing mean shtuffs!

Panel 3: Anise, clutching her Crimson Scarab goggles comes into the room to see if she can join in the fun.
Anise: Hey! Can I play too? I can totally be the CRIMSON SCARAB!
Anpan: Wrong episode. Crimson Scarab not in dis one!