Sam 5

March 23, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Sam protects Nemesis from the many creatures in the backyard!

Comic Transcription

Sam 5

Panel 1: Sam peeks out from the bushes...
Sam: The backyard is a scary place...

Panel 2: And watches his owner watering the yard.
Sam: Owner Pa doesn't pay attention! I take extra steps to protect him from...

Panel 3: A gecko!
Sam: Slithery creatures

Panel 4: A bee!
Sam: Buzzy creatures...

Panel 5: A roach!
Sam: Yucky creatures!

Panel 6: Sam jumps, digs and slides to scare them away!
Sam: I chase 'em all away!

Panel 7: Sam is happy!
Sam: Nothing gets past Sam!

Panel 7: She thinks she's pretty smart but her owner is hiding behind the tree.
Sam: heh!

Panel 8: She turns but he's gone now!
Sam: Owner Pa?! Where'd you go?!