Sam 6

March 25, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

When you need a good watch dog/guardian... in Sam we trust.

Comic Transcription

Sam 6

Panel 1: The garden hose is shown...
Sam: But Owner Pa needs the most protection from... THE WORST OF ALL CREATURES! THE SNAKE MONSTER!

Panel 2: Nemesis holds on to the giant SNAKE!
Sam: It's long, evil and spits A LOT! Owner Pa hangs on for dear life as it slithers around, spewing it's poisonous venom!

Panel 3: Sam wrestles with the garden hose as Nemesis tries to get Sam to stop.
Nemesis: SAM! STOP IT!
Sam: So I try to help...

Panel 4: He shots Sam with water...
Sam: YIP!

Panel 5: Poor Sam stands there soaked... dripping wet.
Sam: I just don't understand.