Episode 407 - Are You Sure?

Are You Sure?

April 10, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise takes on the role of caretaker, but do the pups think she can do the job?

Comic Transcription

Are You Sure?

Panel 1: Anise puts away her school jacket while Anpan and Nemu look on.
Anise: Well, since Kana's not here, it's my job to take care of you two!
Anpan: Ish Ani sure about dat?!

Panel 2: Anise speaks to the doubtful pups.
Anise: What'dya mean am I sure? Of course I'm sure!

Panel 3: Anpan and Nemu make their concerns known!
Anpan: But ANI ALWAYS forget to do shtuff...
Nemu: Like play tea party with Nemu!
Anpan: And no gets pizza after promise!

Panel 4: Ani has to think about that one...
Anise: Do I really do that? Yeah I guess I do.
Nemu: Uh oh...