Episode 408 - I Am Fun

I Am Fun

April 13, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise tries to convince the pups that they can have fun with her.

Comic Transcription

I Am Fun

Panel 1: Anise sits down and gets down to business with the pups!
Anise: Okay! We have some time before Kana gets home... whatcha wanna do?
Anpan: With Ani? Anpan dunno...

Panel 2: Anpan and Nemu seem doubtful.
Anise: What do you pups do with Kana anyways?
Nemu: Fun shtuffs...

Panel 3: Anise gets a bit perturbed by their response to her.
Anise: Hey! I can be fun too!
Anpan: Ani just play blip-blip box all day. No fun.

Panel 4: Ani is really determined to show the pups what REAL fun is!
Anise: What?! You want fun? I'LL SHOW YOU FUN!
Nemu and Anpan: Blip bloop boop!