Episode 422 - Don't Push Your Luck

Don't Push Your Luck

Anise might actually have the Crimson Scarab figure she's been hoping to get! But surprises the pups with what she does next.

Comic Transcription

Don't Push Your Luck

Panel 1: Anise is down on one knee holding the capsule in her hand. Nemu was waiting for her to open it.
Anise: So are you two ready to go?
Nemu: Wha? Ani mama not gonna open da ball?

Panel 2: Ani puts on her helmet...
Anise: Nopes!
Anpan: But what if ish da Crimson Scarab?! Ani don't wanna find out?

Panel 3: Anise tosses the ball up in the air and catches it in her hand.
Anise: Well... all I know is that this is one special toy... because a very special pup gave it to me! So... this has got to be the RAREST OF FIGURE OF ALL!

Panel 4: The pups and Ani get ready to head out...
Anise: 'Sides, I'm not gonna push my luck!
Pups: Okies!