Episode 423 - Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake

Kana finally comes home! Anise explains the great time she and the pups had.

Comic Transcription

Piece of Cake

Panel 1: Kana and Anise are talking at the table. Anise is eating some fro-yo.
Kana: So - How'd it go today?
Anise: It was a piece of cake! Had your doubts huh?

Panel 2: Anise assures Kana that the pups were taken care of and shrugs off the hardship of the situation as if they were easy.
Kana: Actually - yeah... I did.
Anise: The three of us had a blast! No sweat!

Panel 3: Anise bites down on her spoon after hearing Kana's question!
Kana: So - you won't mind taking care of them every day after school right?
Anise: *crunch*