Episode 424 - Night Light

Night Light

Anpan's prized possession might actually be the biggest distraction!

Comic Transcription

Night Light

Panel 1: Anise is getting ready for bed while Anpan sits in his box playing with Dark Rider.
Anpan: Dark Rider! Bish! Boom! Bam!
Anise: Put it away and go to bed!

Panel 2: Anpan holds on to Dark Rider while Ani is a bit irritated by it all.
Anpan: Anpan gonna keep Dark Rider right here just in case Ani try to take Dark Rider from Anpan!
Anise: Oh cut it out! You can keep your Dark Rider!

Panel 3: Anpan ponders what Anise says...
Anise: Just remember... No one knows whose side Dark Rider is on! What if he's evil?!

Panel 4: Then tries to get some shut eye as Dark Rider glows brightly.

Panel 5: Anpan notices how bright Dark Rider is glowing. It's keeping him awake.

Panel 6: Anpan puts Dark Rider under the covers to diffuse the brightness...
Anpan: Dark Rider! Be good! Go shleep!

Panel 7: But the whole blanket starts to glow!

Panel 8: From the top of the dresser, Anpan declares: