Episode 454 - Mark of the Hanshin

Mark of the Hanshin

August 5, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

The showdown in the comic book shop continues! Nemesis sets a trap.

Comic Transcription

Mark of the Hanshin

panel 1: Nemesis tries to find a quick retort-
Nemesis: PUNY?! Maybe I'll have to ask the owner of this fine establishment to start a Hanshin Flyer corner!
Anise: There ain't any open corners in THIS STORE bub.

panel 2: Nemesis slaps something onto Ani's arm... what is it?
Nemesis: Alright, fine. Maybe I can convert you and then we can be friends.
Anise: I highly doubt it - WHA?!

panel 3: It's a Hanshin Flyer badge! Nemesis is confident while Anise is in shock!
Nemesis: Episode 23 - "The Mark of Hanshin"! You'll be converted sooner or later! Resistance is futile!
Anise: P-poison running through veins! gasp!