Episode 470 - Last One Standing

Last One Standing

September 9, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

The class needs to choose teams! Whose team will Kana be on?

Comic Transcription

Last One Standing

panel 1: Kana and her classmates are lining up to choose teams.
Kana: Don't pick me! I'm no good at catching!
Team 1: Okay, I choose Denny!
Denny: Alright!

panel 2: Kana's classmates each get chosen one...
Kana: Whew~ I'm no good at hitting either!
Team 2: I choose Claire.
Clair: Yay! I'm on the GOOD team!

panel 3: by one... except Kana.
Team 1: Well... alright. We'll take Bud...
Bud: It's about time. Sheesh.
Kana: B-but I don't wanna be picked last!