Episode 471 - I'm... Number One?

I'm... Number One?

September 11, 2009| Permalink | Comic Archive

Team uniforms are being handed out and... guess what? Kana is number... ONE?

Comic Transcription

I'm... Number One?

panel 1: Team uniforms are being passed out and it Kana is very happy with the one she got!
Kana: Wow!

panel 2: Delighted, she goes to show Anise.
Kana: Hey Ani! Look! I'M #1!
Anise: Umm...

panel 3: And along comes Nemesis to run it in... but not if Anise can help it!
Nemesis: Hey SUPERSTAR! I guess you're the one we're supposed to hit our balls to, huh?
Kana: Huh?
Anise: Can it, bub!