Episdoe 583 - The Plan

The Plan

The Yellow Jacket and the Henshin Pups are stranded in Space Cows lab with just 2 minutes to go... What will they do?

Comic Transcription

The Plan

panel 1: The Yellow Jacket is flustered that Space Cow left her in a bind.
Yellow Jacket: THAT DARN COW! ARGH! Alright. Calm down. Relax.

panel 2: The Henshin Pups are worried now...
Nemu: Nemu sooooo shorry Miss Jacket! Nemu didn't know button mash would blow shtuffs up!
Anpan: THREE MINUTES?! Ish dat long time? Three ish MORE than ten, right Nemu?!
Yellow Jacket: It's OKAY!

panel 3: But the Yellow Jacket isn't
Yellow Jacket: I was held here long enough to figure out how Cow ran this joint.

panel 4: The Yellow Jacket watches Space Cow operate the lab.
Yellow Jacket: You see, Cow didn't realize that I was watching his every move this whole time. He basically taught me how everything work!

panel 5: She works the control panel to help save some lives...
Yellow Jacket: Okay... I'm going to activate a barrier to contain most of the blast... that'll ensure the prisoners have time to escape this island.

panel 6: But there may not be hope for them.
Yellow Jacket: Unfortunately, there's no way to fully protect us.. but I've got an idea that might work.
Anpan: MIGHT? B-but what if idea no work?!

panel 7: She's determined to do her best!
Yellow Jacket: Then I'll die trying!