Episode 613 - Tourist Attraction

Tourist Attraction

July 19, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Wouldn't you want your picture taken with such a cute delivery panda?

Comic Transcription

Tourist Attraction

panel 1: Kana in her panda outfit and Anise get off the train.
Kana Panda: So many people were staring at me...
Anise: No worries! You'll be amongst the other cosplayers shortly!

panel 2: Anise can't wait to get to the convention but Anpan notices something...
Anise: I can't wait to get there! Can't you feel the energy in the...

panel 3: Kana's not even listening to Ani...
Anise: air?

panel 4: She's getting her picture taken with some tourists!
Tourist: Say cheese!
Kana Panda: CHEESE!
Anise: Hey! We're not even there yet!