Episode 614 - Panda Pose Posse

Panda Pose Posse

July 21, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Everyone come take pictures with the super cute panda! Yeah!

Comic Transcription

Panda Pose Posse

panel 1: The kids all hug Kana Panda!

panel 2: One of them offers her a leaf to eat!

panel 3: She poses with some cosplayers...

panel 4: Does the wave....

panel 5: Adored by the sailor moon crew...

panel 6: Does the heart pose!

panel 7: Anise quickly pulls Kana Panda away while carrying the pups!
Anise: It's been fun folks... But I'm taking my panda now. KTHXBAI. The line to the entrance is THIS WAY. C'MON!