Episode 616 - Only The Beginning

Only The Beginning

July 28, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

After standing in that long line to get their passes, it's time to eat! But... is there anything to eat?

Comic Transcription

Only the Beginning

panel 1: Anise is flustered.
Anise: OH MY PIZZA! That line was nuts! I could REALLY use one of those donuts right about now...

panel 2: And... she's hungry, but Kana has nothing to offer her to eat. The donut box is a prop!
Kana Panada: Oh... this? Um, it's only a prop!
Anise: Wha?!

panel 3: Ani freaks out!
Anise: Are you serious? Now what are we gonna do for food?

panel 4: Kana points out that the snack bar line is right here!
Kana Panda: Well... the line for the snack bar starts here.
Anise: What kind of Delivery Panada brings no donuts?