Episode 617 - Not In Public

Not In Public

July 30, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anise decides it might be time to transform into.... WAIT. Not yet!

Comic Transcription

Not In Public

panel 1: Anise hands Anpan to Kana Panda.
Anise: Since we're stuck in another line... Here- hold Anpan for me...
Kana Panda: Um... Okay.

panel 2: Anise stikes the famous Henshin pose...
Anise: The time has come for me to... HENSHI-

panel 3: But stops midway.
Anise: Wait. Henshin Heroes don't transform in PUBLIC!
Kana Panda: Huh?

Panel 4: Ani runs off and leaves the pups with Kana!
Anise: Be right back!
Kana Panda: W-wait! What about the food?