Episode 621 - Do It Justice

Do It Justice

August 11, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

A real fan tells Henshin Rider how to be Henshin Rider!

Comic Transcription

Do It Justice

panel 1: Henshin Rider appears on one end of the convention hall! People notice right away!
Crowd: Whoa! Check it out! It's someone dressed as HENSHIN RIDER!
Crowd 2: That costume is UNREAL!
Crowd 3: The attention to detail is IMPRESSIVE!
Crowd 4: That can't be handmade... CAN IT?

panel 2: A Henshin Rider fan taps him on the shoulder...
Photo guy: Hey! Henshin Rider!
SFX: tap tap

panel 3: And asks for a photograph!
Photo guy: Can I take a picture of your cosplay?

panel 4: He takes out his expensive camera and gets it set up.
Photo guy: Wow! For a costume this epic, I gotta pull out the BIG GUNS! Hold on, let me get set up... Okay, I'm ready...

panel 5: Henshin Rider poses with two peace signs...

panel 6: The photographer is NOT amused.
Photo guy: Eh?

panel 7: He lectures him about being Henshin Rider!
Photo guy: Surely you've got a better pose than THAT?! C'mon! You're supposed to be HENSHIN RIDER! Dude... DO THE COSTUME JUSTICE!