Episode 622 - Fan Service

Fan Service

August 13, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

The hero finally get's into character and puts on a show!

Comic Transcription

Fan Service

panel 1: The photographer is outraged that Henshin Rider would pose in such a way as he just did.
Photo guy: This ain't MIMPII CLUB, dude! You gotta ACT THE PART! Maybe you're not MAN enough to wear the costume. Ah, figures. Awesome costume...

panel 2: He turns away in disgust. Henshin Rider grabs his shoulder.
Photo guy: but completely out of character.

panel 3: And throws a punch, which startles the photographer!
Photo guy: !

panel 4: He can't believe what he sees!
Photo guy: T-that's it! YES!

panel 5: Henshin Rider is puzzled by his reaction...
Photo guy: HOLD THAT POSE!

panel 6: The photographer starts taking pictures!
Photo guy: Hold it... THERE!

panel 7: And Henshin Rider gets into it... at last!
Photo guy: That's the spirit! Keep it up!