Episode 624 - Photo Finished

Photo Finished

August 16, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

One accidental turn could turn into something epic for Henshin Rider!

Comic Transcription

Photo Finished

panel 1: Henshin Rider revels in the glory of camera flashes and hero worship that he's getting.
Crowd: That costume is just like the REAL THING! Is it REALLY him?! I-I've never been this close to a REAL HERO! Amazing costume! It must be him! I've gotta take a pic! This is UNREAL!

panel 2: Suddenly someone asks for a picture from behind...
Crowd 2: How about a picture for us back here?
Henshin Rider: ?

panel 3: He turns and unknowingly hits someone! A camera goes flying!

panel 4: Hits a costumed Hanshin Flyer!
Crowd: What just happened?! D-did you just see that?!
Henshin Rider: !!

panel 5: Henshin Rider is dazed but realizes what's happened!
Crowd: whoa!
Hanshin Flyer: Ugh
Crowd: GASP!

panel 6: Oh no! The crowd has the wrong idea!
Crowd: Henshin Rider just decked Hanshin Flyer! NO WAY! WHERE?!