Episode 631 - Ray On


September 1, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Anpan needs more proof that T. Katsuya is who he says he is. Is he REALLY Henshin Rider?

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Anpan is skeptical that T. Katsuya is really Henshin Rider!
Anpan: How can Pizza Delivery Guy not have pizza? Ish dis trick? Gots proof dis ish da REAL HENSHIN RIDER?!
T. Katsuya: Sorry, I didn't come prepared.... I can see how you'd be skeptical. Hmmm. Proof eh?

panel 2: T. Katsuya tells them all to...
T. Katsuya: Alright... STAND BACK!
Anpan: Wait for Anpan!

panel 3: He starts the Henshin...
T. Katsuya: ONE...

panel 4:
T. Katsuya: TWO...

panel 5:
T. Katsuya: THREE...

panel 6: And finally....
T. Katsuya: GO!

panel 7: Transforms into Heshin Rider!
Henshin Rider: RAY-ON!

panel 8: The pups and Kana are in awe!
Henshin Rider: So hows THAT for proof?
Anpan: K-Kana Mama! ISH HENSHIN RIDER!!!