Episode 632 - Willing and Able

Willing and Able

September 3, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana thinks she has a plan to get T. Katsuya back to the main stage. Can the pups help him too?

Comic Transcription

Willing and Able

panel 1: T. Katsuya shows the pups how to properly do the Henshin Transformation while Kana sits and thinks.
T. Katsuya: C'mon! Bend your knees!
Nemu: Knees?
Anpan: Ooooh!

panel 2: Suddenly she has an idea!
Anpan: Ish picnic time?

panel 3: Kana holds a light blue striped picnic cloth in her hands while the gang looks on.
T. Katsuya: But I've only taught them the first part of the transformation!
Kana: No, no! I know how we can get you back to the main stage!
Nemu: Yay!

panel 4: The pups wanna help!
Anpan: Can da Henshin Pups help too?
Nemu: Da Henshin Pups can do it!

panel 5: Kana thinks it's possible...
Kana: That can be arranged. In fact Henshin Rider will need our combined help to CHARGE UP HIS TRANSFORMATION!
Nemu: Charge up?

panel 6: but tells the pups it'll take sacrifice....
Kana: It'll call for a little SACRIFICE from everyone to make this work... Are the Henshin Pups up for the challenge?

panel 7: The pups are excited to help!
Henshin Pups: YESH!!