Episode 676 - Easiest Job Ever

Easiest Job Ever

December 15, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Enchilada thinks it's a job well done and time to head home!

Comic Transcription

Easiest Job Ever

panel 1: Enchilada and Pollo fly in the Sea3Poyo....
Enchilada: Homeward bound!

panel 2: Enchilada thought that was an easy job.
Enchilada: Dat was da EASIEST JOB EVAR, yeah Pollo?
Pollo: Pi.

panel 3: The golden seed is in the back of the Sea3Poyo.
Enchilada: Plus~ Enchilada got to do shome explorin'...

panel 4: The seed starts to glow....
Enchilada: and found a SHUPER COOL SOUVENIR!

panel 5: and off they go!
Enchilada: How bout going to Cosmic Tacos to celebrate?
Pollo: Pi!