Episode 677 - Out Of Control

Out Of Control

December 17, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Oh noes! Enchilada loses control of the Sea3Poyo! It's a flash forward!

Comic Transcription

Out Of Control

panel 1: Enchilada and Pollo are on their way to Cosmic Taco!
Enchilada: Enchilada cannot wait to eat da MEGA BURRITO!

panel 2: When suddenly the whole ship starts to shake uncontrollably!

panel 3: The ship starts to lose control!
Enchilada: WHOA! Pollo! Wat's goin' on?!
Pollo: Pi pi pi pi pi pi!
Enchilada: Wat Pollo mean all systems ish OPERATIONAL? All manual control has been lost! DA HELM ISHN'T RESHPONDING!
Pollo: Pi pi pi pi pi!
Enchilada: Why ish da ship out of control?!
Pollo: Pi pi pi pi pi pi pi!

panel 4: Enchilada is shaken and stirred! So is Pollo!
Enchilada: Whatever it ish... Enchilada cannot fly like dis much longer!

panel 5: An alarm sounds!
Enchilada: OH NOES!

panel 6: Enchilada decides he has to do what's best...
Enchilada: Enchilada hoped it wouldn't come to dis...

panel 7: He pushes a button...

panel 8: and flys out of the Sea3Poyo!
Enchilada: Olé!